Friday, 2 October 2009

Monsters and Co.

well, we are all familiar with collaborations! take kate moss for topshop, comme de garcon for h&m and you're in!
The unfamiliar collaboration is the above one!! The brand Opening ceremony (the one where Chloe Sevigny also designs pieces) collaborated with the "celebrities" of the up coming Warner Bros film "Where The Wild Things Are" and brought to life clothes inspired of these fury creatures!! Each piece was inspired by the protagonist, Max the boy king, and the his pack of “Wild Things” - Carol, Judith, K.W., Alexander, Ira, Douglas, and even the Bull Monster. The collection includes reversible vest, bomber jacket, parka, t-shirt dress, and more. All constructed in detail to best reflect the film and the children book.

Well, at least now you'll done with the drama of what to wear to go and see the movie! anticipation of the film, check the trailer here



  1. Mou arese poli to post sou! Den ixa idea gia auti tin sinergasia! Thank you for sharing and thank you for your lovely comment!! Sxetika me auto pou me rotises, kala katalaves, kapies apo tis photo mou ine sto Nauplio me thea to Bourtzi! Ixa paei gia s/k ke to ekmetalleutika, an oxi toso oso tha ithela ;-)

  2. auth t tenia 8elo TOSO pl n t do!

  3. haha! i like these "celebrities", they are more inspriring than the ones that make the usual headlines;)

    hope it's a cold winter, these look like they can keep us seriously warm!!

  4. I love this and can't wait for the film!

  5. ax kai den mou aresei otidipote exei sxesi me gouna kai apo apopsi oikologias k apo thema afis, i sugkekrimeni idea mou arese polu!! Polu empneusmena ta sunola!! :)



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