Thursday, 22 October 2009

The Rachel guilt!

Ok ok! Guilty as hell!! Excuse my recent absence- i've been swallowed by the second season of the Rachel Zoe project! Right now, i can't seem to find anything else interesting! Maybe it's the Anne Hathaway Oscar gown-backstage story or the fact that Karl Lagerfeld agreed to alter one of his dresses after Rachel's request! Or maybe it's just the fact that i'm going BANAAAANAS!

Athen's Fashion week starts today! What can i say? Maybe that only can distract me!!

p.s.if you also want to go banaaanas this is the way to do so! Don't say that you haven't been warned though!

source: googleimages


  1. Oh, I've seen the one with Anne Hathaway's Oscar dress! Rachel was all "I want a REALLY impressive train - oh, I changed my mind, now I DON'T. Hilarious!

  2. I loveee Rachel Zoe too! She is totally a guilty pleasure. I think she has a great vision when it comes to finding the right dress for the right girl. I got so excited when i read your post. Cute pic btw




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