Monday, 5 October 2009

rebecca dautremer

This is one of my all time favorite necklaces! It's so simple yet so beautiful, that i almost wear it daily lately! Despite the "it goes with everything" factor, i'm also in love with the fact that the illustration of the red princess is taken from one the most lovely children's books around! The Princesses book by Rebecca Dautremer. Not only does she illustrate the books, she also writes the stories along with her husband Taï-Marc Lethanh!
She has also written Cyranno and the L'amoureaux!
If you don't know her but you're in love with children's illustration (like moi!) you should definitely go and search her name around the bookstores!
You'll fall in love, too!

more information on Rebecca Dautremer here

source: google


  1. thats an amazing necklace!!! i love her illustrations!!! they are very inspiring!!!!!!

  2. I recently came upon a Greek girl on MySpace who was selling jewelery like this one, probably the same one who made this necklace. Although I like it (it is a pretty piece of jewelery indeed) I was furious with her for not giving any credit to Rebecca Dautremer. It was like if she was implying that all of the design, including the illustration, was hers. Moreover, she was also selling jewelery made with illustrations by one other Greek illustrator, who I happen to know personally. Again, with no permission or even credit.
    If she just made the jewelery as a hobby, for her to wear only, I would be more sympathetic of her plagiarism, but she is making money out of other people's talent and this is wrong.

    (Sorry if my comment is kinda negative, I have nothing against you wearing this necklace, and Rebecca's work is amazing indeed, but stealing other people's creative work is something I feel very strongly about.)

  3. uperoxo outfit kai to agapw auto to koliedaki ontws oses fores se exw dei to forouses !!!

  4. @lopi: i agree with you about stealing other people's work and about creative rights and that's why i made this post that is half dedicated to the necklace and half dedicated to Rebecca Dautremer herself!
    if you can,please send me an e-mail of that girl's myspace. i'm just curious to see what you're talking about.

  5. amazing necklace!I didnt know the illustrator but will definitely check it out!

  6. thanx for the comment! love the necklace but your socks are even better! ;)

  7. @Chichipiru hahaaa!! thanks for mentioning the socks!!! i love them too!!!

  8. giortazes xthes???
    xronia pollaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    uperoxes kaltses kai papa ksexasa na to anaferw oti mou arese polu auto to look !!!!!!

  9. Mou aresi poli to look ke xerome idieteros pou tolmises tis kaltses mexri to gonato!!

  10. ti kouklitsa pou ise??!!

    i knee socks sou pane para poliiiii..kouklitsa...

    kto kolie treelio:)

  11. @mairyliscious: indeed giortaza prox8es!! thanks for the wishes hon'! it's one of those name days that no one really knows!

    @me,martina: mou aresoun para poly oi kaltses mexri to gonato, skeftomai na tis yiothetisw aytin tin sezon! so..maybe you'll see more of them soon!

    @nina_malvada: ninaki mouuuu, thanks! you always make me smile!



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