Tuesday, 29 September 2009

the October issue

So, here we are! Fashion bloggers brand contributors of Vogue's October issue!

For the none-Greek speakers, here is the translation of our part:

Fashion's Night Out was something that we wanted to do from the first time we heard about it! So, at the 10th of September, each blogger wore in her personal way the especially designed t-shirts and all together we rushed downtown to discover all the events that took place!
Fashion's Night Out was a chance to have fun! We could enter all shops without worrying if we had money or not. We got informed of all the latest collections, the ones that of course we'll later on make posts about, at our blog pages!
Next day, the first photos of the event were uploaded, together with the first comments. And all of us wrote the same thing... Fashion's Night Out ended successfully! Thank you Vogue!

You can find all participating blog pages at Facebook *Greek Fashion Blogs* fan page

Too bad, at the picture you get to see, we don't look as celebrity-wise as we wanted to look! I guess none of us was ready to get photographed by all these photographers that shouted "Here! oohhh Fashion Bloggers, look here too!!!"
OK, so i'm kidding! There was no such paparazzi drama, the only "drama" was that in our first-ever-appearance at vogue pages, some of us didn't manage to get the "open-eye" look! But, no worries C. ! Now, you have one more reason to claim your own Vogue photoshoot! For sure!


  1. Congrats, girls! Eiste yperohes!

  2. congrats, congrats, congrats...:DDD

  3. congratulations girlzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  4. for me ,you look all amazing!the most amazing is that being featured in vogue is a dream-with open or close eyes!you re stars!!!!:)

  5. @all girls!!!
    thank you so much!!!! fashion bloggers united rock one more time!!

  6. I think that THIS POST simply rocks my girl!!!
    Born fashion marketer ;)

    love ya C.

  7. ohhhh i am blushing!!! thanks for posting this!!!!!!

    its not that bad picture after all!! a bit of glamour eeee hmmm vogue i meant in our lives!!!

  8. bravo koritsakia mou!

    iste poli orees...

    ade ke se diselido afieroma!

  9. @nina malvada: ooh girl, the only thing that makes me sad is that we couldn't make it to get a photo of all fash bloggers together...



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