Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Bday Party!

Bloggers united once more! Yesterday, ermoumag had a party and as one of the editors, I was there, too! Fellow fash bloggers, Christiana, Thalia, Queen B and Nina came to wish us and we had the chance to catch up like the oooold times (we almost know each other for a year now and it's amazing how many things we have done all these months!)!
Before leaving, me and Nina found an empty room and here is our outfit post! Unluckily the other girls had already gone, but I'm telling you they were dressed to impress-as always!

photos borrowed from Las Ninas Y Los Ninos


  1. both you and Nina are dolls. i love your sweater with the bow detail! so girly.

  2. teleiaaaa fotoooo....
    uperoxes eiste k oi duo...

  3. thank you girls!! you are always the sweetest!!

  4. yperoxes kai oi duo !!!!!
    teleia ntusimata

  5. what a facking adorable blog do u have...? really,i love it!keep walking!

  6. και ναι λοιπόν ακόμα γελάω με την κουβέντα μας περί του κολιέ της Θάλειας! αυτό θα πει τρελή τύχη! καλά χριστούγεννα να έχεις, να είσαι ήρεμη και λαμπερή! πολλά πολλά φιλιά. (και οι 2 λιτές και κούκλες στις φώτο)

  7. @mairyliscious @lina giiiirls!! thank you soooo much!! huge smile!! kales giortes se oles sas!!

  8. @angeliki ki egw gelasa poly molis mou to eipe i thaleia!!! alla eides! einai kalokopeli, tha sou ftiaksei allo!!! xaxaaa! kiss!

  9. these looks are so cute! i love ur striped top! :)

    happy holidays!


  10. Love the outfits!

    Lovely blog!

  11. Hey, I know that room! That's where I used to take outfit pictures back then! Too bad I was flying to Samos on that day...
    Hope you're having some great holidays!



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