Thursday, 17 December 2009

Wizard of Oz at Lafayette

The current Wizard of Oz collection on display at Galeries Lafayette!!! Oh Lucky Dorothy, you get to have all these red shoe-wonders!!!!

all pictures taken from SnoBlak


  1. goodness you lucky thing, are you in Paris??!
    Galerie Lafayette is a marvel, and I've been desperately seeking a pair of glittery red sandals to go out in - all of these are simply perfect! Too bad I couldn't possibly afford the price tag.
    Love your header by the way!

  2. @Jenny no...i didn't have the chance to go to Paris (although i absolutely love Paris)! The pics are taken for SnoBlak blog but i liked them so much i had to post them!
    Thank you so much for you comment about the header! I'm in the festive mood!!!!

  3. oh my god!breathtaking!!!



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