Friday, 18 December 2009

Razzmatazz* All Day Bazaar!

From the moment i discovered Razzmatazz, every time a friend of mine asks me where to find weird/interesting/one of a kind accessories I tell him one word: Razzmatazz!!!
It may sound like hokus pokus but in fact it's the only little shop around the centre of Athens that has a magical character!
That's why this time instead of showing you some of the jewelry that I saw (and bought) yesterday, i'm showing you pics of the store!
For the bazaar Sofia had vintage armchairs and old tv's just outside the shop! As a smoker herself she found a way to be LEGAL but also COOL!
Also inside the shop, you get to discover many more surprises! That is...spiderman pictures on the wall, amazing magnets on the lower part of the table and messages of love stuck on the central mirror!!!


  1. Μόλις το είπα και στην Θάλεια. Μπράβο βρε κορίτσια που τα βρίσκετε τα μαγαζάκια! α και για το κολιέ, μην βάλεις μέσο επειδή την ξέρεις. Θάλεια μην μασάς!!!! Χεχε. Ωραίες φώτος και ειδικά το βράδυ πρέπει να ήταν καλύτερα. Τα λέμε την κυριακή. Φιλιά

  2. @angeliki
    xaxaaa!! kanena meso angeliki! i thaleia einai akloniti se ayta!! den pairnei apo logia! =PPP
    tha xarw poly na ta poume apo konta tin kyriaki!

  3. Thank you for your great tip! When I travel I like to discover such a special shop.

  4. sofia's shop is filled with individuality and is all about funky style just like it's owner and her creations. i bought a tulle boutonierre and enjoyed the outdoor living room! :)



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