Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Wintour vs Gaga

I'm not going to explain the phenomenon Gaga. To be true, i still remember an episode of the Hills where Lauren Conrad takes her friends and go to a hip Californian club to watch "a new name": Lady Gaga! (Amazing how someone makes his/hers first appearance haa?)
Anyway. Most probably you've all watched Lady Gaga's latest video Bad Romance as numbers suggest that the video has been played on YouTube more than 30 million times! If you also follow some of our fashion blogs,you must have seen the frenzy that came right after the first screening of the video. Lady G. appears dressed in the latest Alexander McQueen and in numerous other creations of hip and brand new designers!
I'm not a fashion guru (yet), but in fashion matters i surely have a STRONG memory! And i have to tell you, when Alexander McQueen first presented his latest catwalk, there was a great number of people "begging" that Alexander had to be brave enough to NOT let Gaga touch any of his creations! So...what happened?!
As i read in numerous posts, Lady Gaga's role evolved as not only a new business model for the music industry, but for fashion as well!
Nicola Formichetti, Creative Director of Dazed & Confused and Fashion Director of Vogue Hommes Japan, takes all credits for the outfits worn by Gaga on the video! As BoF says, there has always been a strong connection between fashion, music and film but "Bad Romance" if cut in screenshots could be one of the finest and most extravagant fashion editorials ever!

So what i'm struggling to say is that Lady Gaga is going to play a major role in the fashion industry. Great designers give their creations willingly to her and she is appearing more and more extravagant (see this pic of Gaga greating the Queen Elizabeth II two days ago) If Anna Wintour of Vogue is known to be the Fashion Queen...Dazed and Confused and Nicola Formichetti are preparing their next-and more extravagant- weapon to rule the Fashion World!!!

And you are obliged to obey!
Rah rah ah-ah-ah!!!

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