Monday, 14 December 2009

Gemma Degara

Gemma Degara is a Spanish designer that started her brand in 2003 in Barcelona. She is known for her 180 degrees clothes: clothes whom you could chose which side would be the front! Her A/W 2009-10 collection is called sleepless nights and as you can see the main color used is electric blue!
I'm officially obsessed with this collection! Love the color, the lines and the fact that you get to buy one cloth but then you can wear it in your way!
One word: Amazing!!!

visit Gemma Degara site here



  1. her designs are really something... any idea where one can try them on?

  2. @Alecca Rox:I only found her clothes online...i'd be very happy to actually find a store in Athens to try them on!

    check here

    and here

  3. p.s. den mas ta pes auta:


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