Thursday, 3 December 2009

THEIA interview!

I told you something exciting was on the way here! So it's time to reveal all that secrecy! As part of the ermoumag team, i had the chance to interview THEIA!

I have to tell you...she is the sweetest!!! Entering her atelier was like entering Willy Wonka's factory! All the walls were painted in bright colors, clothes, sewing machines and fabrics were seen everywhere and on top of it all, little cherries were painted on the walls! One little thing you have to learn for me is that i have a sweet-tooth so when Theodora offered us chocolate treats from Kastoria, i appreciated her even more!

I found it extremely interesting how she started creating clothes! She has studied economics,too so for me, she was a true hero for deciding to change career and become a designer! I also found it amazing that she has so many ideas for how she would like to present her clothes! It would be amazing to see a fashion show in a central square for sure! Well, that's the king of things that i think that are missing from the Greek Fashion scene... Designers with a more modern vision that are actually interested in producing not only clothes but also IDEAS!

Ok, ok...enough! You now have to click the link and lose yourself in the sweet THEIA world!

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  1. good job! wonderful colours on the clothes. kind of delicious i d say.

  2. I see vivid colours! and I like it!

  3. ohhh they are so beautiful all of them....

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  4. Great interview! To atelie tis fainetai oneiremeno! :)

  5. Hey girl! Just read it and commented on ermoumag, you did an amazing job!



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