Tuesday, 15 December 2009

TasteFull brooch!

Fellow 1015Lab blogger, was kind enough to leave me a comment on yesterday's post telling me that I forgot to mention something!
That "something" is the brooch above! TasteFull is no other than Vicky Koumantou, successful food blogger with a brand new site. A few days ago, while at ErmouMag office, Vicky told us all excited, that she was going to cook live on the television and that she needed our help for what to wear! We found her the shirt but as I found it really boring to promote her site wearing an apron with the TasteFull logo, I proposed to create a brooch instead!
The brooch, as Vicky told me, was quite successful! What i like the most is that Vicky was happy wearing it (important!) and as she told me she even "transformed" it into an award for all the people who helped her during the show (perfect!)!

You can see snapshots of the show along with a full article also at ermoumag page!



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