Thursday, 18 February 2010

Glamcanyon was here!

It's 00:24 and minutes before heading to bed, while not seeing anything else in fashion blogs rather than Copenhagen Fashion Week pics, New York Fashion Week tweet reviews and Bloggers Fashion Conferences posts... I bumped into these rather interesting pics!

If they don't ring a bell, take a closer look at that air-condition, that mini market, that sunset and that...Life juices!!

Oh yes! These two photoshoots have taken place in Athens! Glamcanyon is among the most successful fashion blogs for streetstyle and not only photographs. Some weeks ago she visited Athens and did these editorials!
And.. Oh yes No2! The model in the first editorial is Ramona from that Next Top Model show

p.s. please don't leave me comments about the final winner of Next Top Model as I can't have any opinion...I don't know the names of the girls, I don't even now the name of the winner..donno if Ramona was among the final 5..the only thing I know is that I liked her more than anyone else and that I'm happy that I saw her familiar face in Glamcanyon again! Now may the God be with me for saying something like that!!!!

visit Glamcanyon links here and here for the complete editorial pictures and credits


  1. What a scoop! Ramona has such a unique face, perfect for quirky editorials. I really hope she won't let it all slip away from her... I checked at the A1 model agency website and she isn't listed under any category.

  2. you little spy! (again!)
    u've dag out some beautiful shots there.

  3. -the final winner was Seraina (gorgeous)
    -Ramona wasn't among the final 5
    and OH OH check what I dag out...ramona's style before next top model's makeover...

    ew ew.. lol

  4. @K@terina B: hairstyle can change your whole look!!!
    thanks for the info's babe! too bad Ramona wasn't among the final 5!

  5. great post... i like the photos
    and wow that is Ramona at that photo...gosh :p



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