Saturday, 20 February 2010

Kimberly Ovitz

Ok..check these facts...Kimberly Ovitz is 27 years old. At the age of 14, she had her first fashion internship at J.Crew followed by internships at Harper's Bazaar and W magazine and then one more summer internship at Chanel! Later on she worked as assistant designer at Imitation of Christ leading to a valuable industry experience, at the age of 25!
She then desided to start her own brand and almost two years later, she not only has presented three lines but has also finished a pre-fall and a fall/winter 2010 collection! The other most amazing thing about her is that she is LA-based and despite that fact -among with the also LA-based Rodarte duo- she creates clothes that are much more New York or Paris influenced.

For her third collection-the one you get to see here- Kimberly Ovitz looked to the architecture of Frank Gehry and the serenity of Buddhist monk's robes!
I'm telling you people keep an eye on this young lady as she is also Queen Wintour-approved!

I'm impressed!



  1. Haha, having a pic next to Anna Wintour is a badge of honour in the fashion world!

  2. Anna didn't even go to the show! It was only a presentation!!! Imagine the significance of that!

  3. impressive indeed... i like the first off-white dress and the jacket-mini skirt/shorts outfit

  4. the girl's on fire, will be keeping an eye for sure.



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