Thursday, 25 February 2010

SoHo Symposium @ GGD !

You know my love for the geek-chic looks right?! Well, now I can actually prove that I'm not only into the look but also... the attitude!!!

Girl Geek Dinner is a place where women can talk about innovative issues, proving that they are actually equal to men! I cannot say that I'm a major technology geek but when it comes to fashion blogging one word I have to say and that is "oooooooohyesssss" !!!

So, tomorrow I'm honored to be presenting my blog together with three other talented geek-fash-ladies and prove that fashion blogging not only exists in Greece but actually is quite popular!

No need to say that you are all welcome to come, right?!?

Find out more info by visiting the site and by RSVP at the 14th GGD Facebook event page!

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