Friday, 12 February 2010

Sorry for the loss but Life goes on!

Let me translate the title: I can't get out of my mind McQueen's tragic death...Mostly I'm sad and angry for taking his own life away in such a brutal way.Also the fact that he was one of my very favourite designers makes the loss irreplaceable. But!
But...yesterday some minutes after I read about McQueen I headed to the opening of THEIA boutique and as I was still shocked the first thing that I told her was not "Congrats" but "McQueen is dead" (very un-professional of me now that I come to think about it).
After realizing what I had just told her, THEIA told me "Well.. it's tragic but we can't let that turn us down! We are here to celebrate the opening"!!!
So yes..McQueen is dead, but THEIA is as wise as her own name suggests... We'll remember Lee for ever, but life goes on and great new designer talents need our support and attention!!!So please don't moan in each and every blog! Instead find new designers and show them your love!!! (they need it)

You can find THEIA's shop at
Ippokratous 66


  1. Oh, that's why I caught a glimpse of her on TV today? These are wonderful news, I want to visit her shop, like, now!

  2. beautiful photos... even though to be honest I don't know much of her work...but according to her style and these photos...THEIA rocks! :)



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