Friday, 28 January 2011

Animal Instinct

I met Spiros Halaris through a dear common friend of ours, just 3 days before I moved to Florence! Having just ended his placement at Alexander McQueen and with various projects still on the run, he promised to stay in touch and send me a mail with all his news soon! Today was the day that he decided to share something exclusive and exciting with me and of course with all of you, too: The first look of his promo photoshoot for the Animal Instinct tshirt.

The t-shirt above is the second of the two tees he designed for Your Eyes Lie** and Topshop and you can find it (and buy it) online now here ! Today I see that it is available only in XS online but I was informed that the form is quite loose so it should fit you perfectly even if you're a S!

Another thing worth mentioning is that Spiros will present among others his personal illustrative work at "The Art of Fashion"
exhibition, at the London pop-up concept store FashionCapital during the London Fashion Week (16-23 February, more info here). If you happen to be in London those days don't forget to go and salute him!

photo credits:

photo/ edit: Nykolas Andreou
makeup: Kate Rina
styling : Cara D. Grapsa


  1. so talented!

  2. @annie indeed he's really really talented!



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