Sunday, 23 January 2011


Just found out about a great exhibition that is taking place these days in Milan. It is called "The Master Hands" and from the images above you can guess that it's all about black and white photographs of hands. Hands working, playing, loving, eating- hands that are captured while doing everyday normal activities...

What does this exhibition have to do with fashion? Well, it is organized by Italian brand Fratelli Rossetti in their gallery on Piazza San Carlo 2 and it is an amazing-according to me- way to be inspired by hands and "worship" all the handmade products!...and the Fratelli Rossetti shoes are handmade 100%!

pic source: Fratelli Rossetti


  1. xeria! apsoges fotografies ,prepei na htan polu endiaferousa ek8esh :)

  2. great photos!you are so lucky!
    i'm glad you posted!we miss you



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