Sunday, 9 January 2011

Firenze4Ever Dinner Party

The Firenze4Ever 2nd Edition event ended yesterday night with an amazing dinner party at LuisaViaRoma's terrace floor! Girls and boys dressed up in ther most stylish (and sometimes extravagant) way and wandered around with prosecco and shampagne in their glasses. The party was mainly held for the fashion bloggers that were invited from all over the world so almost everyone carried around a camera! Luckily, I was invited as well and I snapped pics from some of the most known fashion bloggers around just for your pleasure!
Betty wearing an enormous black bow and her boyfriend and Italian Fashion-a-Porter blogger dressed head-to-toe in Lanvin for H&M on the right!
Andy from Style Scrapbook (the girl is seriously TALL!) and Chiara from the Blonde Salad and Fashion Squad and me on the right!

All girls were super friendly and talkative!

Super Duper Hats designers Veronica and Ilaria that are based in Florence! I loved their hats and style and I promised to visit their studio soon!On the right, another stylish Italian girl that wore the -bloggers approved and adored- YSL ring!
Even the DJ's were styled up for the event with wigs and black and white tshirts!
Betty, Wendy from Nitrolicious and Garan from This Yellow Boy blog! Paris,NY and London all in one pic!
Wendy wore an H&M dress from the Spring/Summer 2011 collection with Lanvin for H&M necklace and YSL punk pumps that deserved a closeup!

Last but not least, Caroline chatting with a fellow blogger!
On our way out, these LuisaViaRoma tshirts caught my eye! Luisa ti ama!

all pics courtesy of SoHo Symposium. If used please credit with link


  1. ela re haritinaki!!teleia!!super!!poso se zilevw!!
    must have had a blast!!loved the post!
    lucky u!!

  2. Poso uperoxa ola!
    K ti teleies photo!Poso zileuo! Wish I could be there too! :)
    Na peraseis super duper! Waiting for more photos :D


  3. amazing event, well done sweets! But the dj ladies, were not styled for the event, they are called the broken hearts and that's their real hair and clothes, they are really sweet, the brunette Nisha is my mate from London.

  4. @mariaflora aa thanks girl!! Didn't know that! Tell Nisha that I loved their music selections!

  5. I'm crying!!!!!!!!!

    Hari went international!!



  6. i'm sooooo happy for you!!!! it's official. you'll be crazyyyyy extra-ordinarily style inspired in this city!!! have a beautiful stylish life baby!

  7. den to pistevw oti phgaine ellhnida so prouf of you girl!!ti teleia efkiareia na gnwriseis tn chiara k tn caroline eidika :) h kopela me tn opoia milaei h caroline einai h sabrina apo to :D

  8. Αυτό κι αν είναι αποκλειστικότητα!!!!!
    Μπράβο σου!!!!!
    Η καθεμία μας θα ήθελε να ήταν εκεί!!!


  9. Congrats! Enjoy your time in Florence!

  10. so so sooooo lucky!
    love the pics!

  11. Congrats Hari! Teleio post gia ena teleio event!

  12. hey hon! miss you already but it seems you are having an amazing time already!

    well done on the photos and on the experience! :-)
    big big kiss

  13. wooow!! Amazing pictures!! love them!!

    I have a giveaway on my blog about my fashion illustrations.

    You can choose beetwen a fashion illustration about you or new header to your blog!

  14. I tweeted about you going for a coffee, and you ended up brushing shoulders and having champagne! That's our Hari!

  15. wow, now that's what i call a warm welcome!
    enjoy every minute of ur new student life;)
    keep sharing, we love it!



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