Sunday, 30 January 2011

Vintage Selection

For four days Florence went crazy about Vintage thanks to the 17th edition of Vintage Selection! More than 50 exhibitors brought their best vintage findings at Stazione Leopolda and the place looked like a Costumes Museum with all these beauties laying around!

Attention people! This post is going to be picture heavy as my camera went crazy with the Chanel's, Prada's and Ferragamo's it spotted!

Vintage Selection had the best selection of Retro pieces. From shoes, to dresses, to corsets, to scarves, to bags, to hats, to sunglasses, to bathing suits...even to Vintage Vogue magazines and Pattern designs!

Fairs like this make you realize that we are still able to buy these pieces thanks to their good quality. Now think about what will be the Vintage of the 00's in the future and who will be willing to buy the clothes that we are wearing today... It's just a thought!


  1. On the other hand, the anti-consumer one i mean, if we worn our clothes until they were destroyed, no matter if they are Chanels or Zaras, there wouldn't be any items kept to sell in the future.
    So these vintage pieces there, are a huge waste of money and energy after all...and in these times I don't think anyone SHOULD waste money or energy....
    There's another thought.

  2. This post is really interesting and the photographs makes one want to visit this place!!
    I love vintage and it's such a pitty that here in Greece you can't find such pieces easily :)



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