Tuesday, 9 June 2009

jasmin's style

few days ago i went to see a music band at terravibe! the funny part of the story is that i screamed and shouted for more than 10 hours about a band i never saw on stage!!!! No i'm not talking about Depeche Mode canceling the show in the last minute! I'm talking about taking part in the shooting of a telephone company's new ad!
Now the ad is out and you can watch it on the telly! The story is about a concert to be made. while the crowd is waiting for the band to arrive, a young girl sees them first and shouts "here they are".
That girl's real life name is Jasmin! And i couldn't help but take a picture of her as she was dressed to impress! Pink tights under a black mini skirt and on top a white tee with badges all over the front-even on her bra! she finished the look with pink way fares and a black hat! so cute and so perfectly fresh and right for a live concert!

(please credit if u use the photo)


  1. ou nice cool stuff, nice outfit she's wearing...!!!
    I think we're more back to 80's than ever, and I dont know if that's good...!!!

  2. Hi X....this girl is sooo stylish!
    She ROCKS!!!

  3. @katerinaB. do you think it's going to turn up badly this whole 80's thing?!?!?

    @Giorgia. she was so sweet and cute in person,too!

  4. maresiii...
    to top k ta rooouz gialia.. :)

  5. haha, this is gorgeous. she's so lovely!



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