Sunday, 7 June 2009


seems like summer has finally arrived here in greece! today everyone i know -including me- went to the beach or at least for a walk or a coffee near the sea!
counting down the days till holidays!

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  1. Today it was my first splish splash of the year!! I enjoyed it till 8pm!! Hope you had a great time too!!

    the black&white photo is A summer classic!! Watermelon!! yammi!!

  2. All the people here in greece went their first bath yesterday? :)Pp
    well i wasn't lucky this weekend the weather is not good ...yesterday was raining :( and i am little bit sick the throat is killing me and my head to heavy BUT i had 2 splish splash in may :)Ppp i hope next weekend will be better ! your post is sooooooo sweet..............

  3. sto nhsi gia to koum kouat :)D se euxaristw polu !!

  4. *ksexasa to ''pou fhmizetai'' pw pw san kotopoulo eimai prepei na parw ena deponaki na sunelthw

  5. dld..ime i moni pou dn exo kani voutia stn 8alasa akomaaaa??? snif..snif...

  6. mmm oute egw ekana voutia apla ekana volta by the sea so don't worry mairyliscious an nina_malvada!!!
    at least the weather is great!!!! summer is in frond of us! =)

  7. huhu..kapos etsi kego..simvivastika me tn volta...vrika omos magio!!! (megalo vima gia mena..:P)



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