Friday, 19 June 2009

Glamour Magazine July issue

glamour magazine is turning to be one of the most important sponsors of the greek fashion blog scene and i'm more than grateful for that! at glamour's june issue, you may have saw the interview i gave along with 5 other great greek fashion bloggers (Fashion Architect, Alecca Rox, Streetgeist and QueenB). Now it was time that we showed our support and love for the magazine back! And there was no better way, than wearing the gift tee of last issue "I HEART GLAMOUR"
This time you can see from above Elena, Alecca Rox, Nina Malvada, Katerina, Pinelopi and me along with a new and special friend of mine Giorgia from Italy, all wearing the glamour tee in our own style! And that's the great thing about fashion! One tee- seven ways of wearing it! Choose one for everyday of the week!
Last but not least i have to specially thank Glamour girl Amalia Agathou who never stops showing us her support and that is the reason that these 2 last months we heart glamour MORE THAN EVER!


  1. just bought it!!! I'm very proud of you all!! sweet kisses!!!!!

  2. congratulation girls!!!!to agorasa idi!!perimeno na sas do k se epomena teuhi!!teleies!!!!!!!

  3. Congrats to all the girls!!!

  4. why am I the only one who got the black t-shirt???
    hahaha! have to run to the kiosk and get it!

  5. a a bghke ? paw na to parw :)p

  6. @lopi because u make the difference hon'!!!

    @c,constance,kathyfashiongirl thanks girls!!!

  7. Hi X!!! I saw our "I love Glamour page"...Has been amazing being a part of it!!!
    Thanks to you!
    P.S Why lopi got the black shirt????She's so cool!
    Kisses from Italy

  8. teleia ola ta outfit mazi!!!

  9. sas eida k isastan koukles k kathemia me to diko tis monadiko style :)
    elpizw oi anagnwstries na paroun idees apo to styling,toulaxiston emena me empneusate!



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