Friday, 26 June 2009

Tina Kalivas

Tina Kalivas has a Greek background but has grown up in Australia. Her A/W 09 collection is inspired by the Afghan refuges and it's rather inspiring how she mixes nude colors with neon pink, orange and even bright yellows and blues.

in her own words:
I was fascinated for a while with Afghani culture just though movies I had seen like Kandahar. I was amazed at the creativity that comes from this culture considering they are living in such a harsh environment. The desert landscape itself is so confronting let alone living in caves within the mountains. When I looked more and more into the textiles that came from Afghanistan I became obsessed with getting closer to the culture. I had met a journalist in London who spent a while in Afghanistan as a spokesperson for the United Nations and since then the meeting with her stuck in my mind. I bumped into her in Sydney at a book launch and she told me about a group of Afghani refugee Women here in Sydney who were known to have amazing embroidery skills. So through numerous phone-calls and research I met the community workers who look after them and we drove way out to the Western suburbs to meet them. That first meeting with them opened a gateway to a very unfamiliar form of creativity, but very exciting.
Coming from a Greek family at least I could relate to them on that cultural level!

parts of her interview are taken from Dazed Digital (enter here to read more)

sources: DazedDigital, The selby


  1. Wow, these are amazing things! Want to see more!

  2. for her newest collection as well as other info you can enter
    heard her a long time ago and i found her "selby" photoshoot yesterday, so i had to make this post!
    i'm excited when i discover new designers with greek roots =)

  3. maresi poli pou ine pola xromata mazi..xromata pou dn 8a sindiazes an ta evlepes apo mona tous ala etsi ola mazi fenete na teriazoun artia..

  4. Amazing indeed! This bra(?) is wonderful!

  5. her work seems amazing!!!! i like almost anything that has an ethnic vibe to it!!!!!!



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