Monday, 29 June 2009

Lanvin loves Acne

In times of crisis, working in collaborations proves to be useful for both collaborating parts. H&M was smart enough to collaborate with the biggest names of high-end clothing industry all these years and names such as Comme des Garcons, Roberto Cavalli, Victor&Rolf, Stella McCartney,Karl Lagerfield and Matthiew Williamson don't seem to lose their status by producing their clothes in the mass market.
Acnes is not one of the brands that can be considered low cost. Nevertheless it's always interesting to see collaborations and this time it was Lanvin's Alber Elbaz who designed a small collection for Acne! Jeans blend up with darker shades of jean fabrics and Alber proves that wearing head-to-toe jeans is actually possible and tasteful!
I have to say that i was a bit disappointed by the prices as they range from 250 to 820 € when Lanvin's ready-to-wear pieces, start at about $1,000 but let me be little meanie as i think that Zara will be one of the first to copy-copy head-to-toe jeans!



  1. And I love Lanvin, that loves Acne!

  2. and i adore Alber Elbaz who loves Lanvin that loves Acne! seriously i wish i could meet him some day...

  3. jean...jean..jean...

    telia ta rouxalakia...:)

  4. Personally, I would never dare to wear head-to-toe denim, even if it had "Lanvin" written on the label. And the prices don't seem all that doable.

    Hey, does anyone know why Inditex brand names like Zara and such are the only high-street brands that haven't jumped on the designer collaboration wagon yet?

  5. i totally want that blue trench

  6. haha i wanted to write what elena wrote !! but she wroted first :)
    i love all the pieces they are chic and simple but too expensive (mhpws exw ginei polu skroutz??)

  7. Why wear total jean look? I remember mocking myself in some old photos back in the school day where I though wearing jean trousers combined with denim jacket fit perfectly...!!!

  8. Den tha lega oxi se ena klassiko k wraio denim poukamiso!!!

    @lopi pisteuw oti to zara den kanei tetoies sunergasies kathws vgazei paromoia rouxa se pio prosites times

  9. @lopi i wouldn't go for a head-to-toe jeans either but i thought that these looks were inspiring and not too matchy matchy and that i could actually were them! not because they are lanvin, but because they look good!
    but i agree prices are overrated although i don't think that acne jeans are less priced in anyway!

    as for inditex i think that doesn't want to make such collaborations because of not be compared with H&M and Topshop. Zara especially has achieved greater status these last few years and the quality in some cases is even greater..

  10. i wouldn't wear head to toe denim but that dress is sooo cute!!!!!!!!!!
    prices as well are not definitely not helping!!!!!!

  11. wicked collaboration.

    love it when you are meanie:)




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