Monday, 1 June 2009

that bag

i'm starting to worry about myself! few days ago i found the pic on the right while surfing through fashion sites. the girl wearing all black is hanne-gaby odiele and she is one of the hottest models right now! while checking the pic more carefully, i saw the bag the girl on the right holds! and it shook me! i've seen that bag before! and indeed i've seen it before! i searched through my zillion pictures saved on the computer and i found it!!! the picture on the left is one of my all time favorites! i remember that i immediately had fallen in love with that bag! how could i not recognise it again? unfortunately i don't have the credit for the first pic but i remember it was taken from a street style site.
i want that bag..i need that bag! if someone knows more info, i'll be more that grateful! it's like a picture deja-vu. please spread the news..hari k in search of the missing bag!



  1. ooo..dn exo idea apo pou ine i tsada..ala ine pragmatika telia..poli retro.. vris tn katagogi tis 8elo na ma8o kego :)

    (xerome pou dn ime i moni pou apo8ikevi sto pc tis fotos apo outfits pou tis aresoun..huhu)

  2. ok elpizw na ma8w kapoia stigmi!!!

    (pleon exw parei kai ekswteriko skliro fantasou gia tis photos giati to laptop to exw fullarei!!so..u r not alone honey!!!)



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