Monday, 30 November 2009

Maria Mastory

No words necessary for Maria Mastori. For the ones of you that follow this blog, you already know my love and appreciation for the Mastori-Motwary team! (see this and this)

So it was a few days ago, that "Fashion Paths" Christie informed me that she was going to pay a visit at the M/M atelier, and i couldn't resist from telling her to buy for me this piece of art! Luckily it wasn't sold out and after an hour it became mine forever!

Stay tuned as Maria Mastori is going to throw a Xmas bazaar really soon!

source: first photo courtesy of Filep Motwary


  1. no words for your over knee socks! love the way you wore them!!!love the necklace

  2. @Mairyliscious thanks hon'! they are actually over the knee boots, but i also loved how you wore your over the knee socks!!!

  3. ciaao!:) oouuufff,i m still gathering courage for eithe over the knee socks or boots :))
    btw, are these 2 different dresses you re wearing?i love the result!very hippy!!

  4. @penny it's a long blouse over a mini H&M skirt!! thanks for your comments!!! =))

  5. very nice look indeed!!!! and of course i am loving the necklace girl!

  6. mou areseiii polu to ntusimo s...
    k episis k oi kaltses etsi opws tis exeis valeii....

  7. at this time I know 3 pieces of MM. and... I want moreeeeeeeeeeee & moreeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    you're lovely hun! I;m glad you have it finally!

  8. I own ithela na pw... twra to eida! hahahahaha



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