Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Fabulous Night Out!

At last, you get to see some images of last week's Fashion's Night Out event (it's better late than ever, right?!)

Well YouStrikeMyFancy couldn't describe it better! Me and Thalia were wandering around Benetton and Sisley's in and out with a “Manolo” cocktail on one hand and a camera on the other! It was quite fun as we fooled around the stores, taking pictures of our favorite clothes, been taken photographs by photographers, hung out with fellow fash bloggers (from left to right you have Miss Fashion Algorithms, LFoF, Marie, Jo and Kataifi)...and generally tried to be as social as we could! We both left versus nine o'clock before the party even started, as...working ladies go to bed early (yes we are THAT
old, hahaa)

As for the last pic, I think that these two fashionable ladies styled their Fashion's Night Out t-shirts in the best way possible!

p.s. first three pics courtesy of mr. Katsogiannis



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