Sunday, 26 September 2010

Toi&Moi and all about it!

So the big secret was revealed first from you and your comments as you were quick and efficient in spotting the brand of the dress! Bravo! Toi&Moi was it and you were very VERY right!

As you may have all guested back then , I was the next one to be invited at the "Fashionistas talk" video sessions by Toi&Moi and the video is finally out! I have a lot of backstage info to share with you; the first is that I was actually invited to do the video at Toi&Moi headquarters! The experience was more than nice as I had the chance to view all showrooms and of course the place where the Toi&Moi staff works! The decoration of the place was full of clothes and dummies (don't tell me you didn't see this coming) but what impressed me more was the huge hanger lying from the ceiling! Later I was informed that it may actually be the biggeST one existing but no, it's not on Guinness yet!

The video is unfortunately only in Greek at the time being but I actually shot it in English, too, so expect and update really soon! To tell you the truth, I wasn't a big fan of Toi&Moi clothes in the past, I found them too formal for me! The change nevertheless was impressive during the past two years and especially in the Fall/Winter 2010/11 collection I discovered many great pieces! Name the dress I was wearing and the wide range of scarves in the top list for sure!

As for the experience of shooting this video, well it was quite funny as I was that nervous that in the first take I said "and" more that a zillion times while at the end I kept repeating that the boots are "over the knee" instead of "ankle" ones and that the ribbons of the bracelet were pink instead of blue! Oh yes, now you can share a laugh with me!

Anywayzzz, I hope you enjoy the video and my selection of favorite Toi&Moi clothes as much I did!



  1. your hair & the dress you are wearing are simply amazing!

  2. thank you sweetie!!! =))) your opinion always counts and you know it!

  3. well??? did you get to keep the dress?

  4. i think you did very well!!next time better!i like more the dress you wear during the presentation.and THIS is the place they work?omg lucky lucky people..the pic with the drawing it's very beautiful!

  5. How sweet!!! And shy too.
    I used to avoid TOI MOI for the same reason, too formal, but now I like their rock-modern-formal style.

  6. Τέλειο τo video!!!
    και τα ρούχα απίστευτα!!!


  7. @Lopi yes I did keep the dress so you can imagine how happy I am wearing it now!!! =)

    @Panagiota @Vali @Tonia girls thank you sooooo much for your comments!

  8. Eisai foveri Xaritini!!!!!

  9. Loved your video! You're a sweetheart. :)



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