Sunday, 5 September 2010

Back to School!

It's no secret, some months ago I was one of the first to inform you of the Greek Ebay market's opening! I still find that trip to Zurich one of the best things that I had the opportunity to do thanks to this blog and today that I found some free time I decided to take a look at Ebay again in search of "New Season" items!

It's actually the first year that I'm not returning back to school/uni, but it seems to me that this time I'm in more need of finding new inspirations, new clothes and styles to wear and new items to buy! So above, you can see some of my "want/need" items of the moment!

1. Mary Katrantzou/Topshop shirt (that I now regret of not having bought back then),
2. Essie Fall 2010 Collection of Nail Polishes,
3. my brand new bike (that I need to get out in the streets),
4. an Iphone Case Cover (despite the fact that I don't own it yet, an Iphone is soon to be mine so it needs to be protected),
5. a memory card for my camera (as I'm one of those that can't erase photos from their camera, but prefer to buy one more..memory card instead!),
6. 3-D glasses (for being able to watch movies but also read editorials like...this) ,
7. a brand new camera new obsession:
8. a satchel bag like the one that Alexa Chung holds all the time!

links: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Alexa pic source:Just Jared


  1. ive been following your blog for a while and I love everything about it! loving alexa in this post :) and her mulberry bag... she isnt spotted anywhere without it!
    maybe we could follow each other??
    niki x o x o

  2. beautiful bike!!cool colour!i also want that bag;it looks fashionable and very practical!

  3. love your pink bike! essie has the best colour palette

  4. όλα είναι ένα και ένα!!!ειδικά το tshirt της Μ. Κατράντζου και η τσάντα της Αlexa!!!όσο για το ροζ ποδήλατο τέλειο!!!


  5. I sooo want a bicycle right now!! :))

  6. girls! the bike that I own is not exactly this but very similar to the one I'm showing! Mine is red and I soooo want to take it out in the streets!

    @Elisa you should definitely buy one! =)

  7. the satchel bag --> huge obsession!!!!!!! so, i'll try the greek version of our beloved ebay, f you say so!! well done, lovely lady!! ;-)

  8. yeeap! Back to school! (:
    follow me there if you want

    I'm a 15-year-old student from Greece (:



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