Sunday, 19 September 2010

Meet Market 18_09

Cruel Candy

Skinny Legs

Anthi ...Wears Vintage!

Yianna Karvela
Ouph by Pavlina Dimitrokali
I always enjoy Meet Markets but this time I loved it even more as I had the chance to meet new designers that I haven't seen in Meet Markets of the past, see what they have all created for the Fall season, meet friends, do some handmade/vintage shopping and also have a nice Saturday afternoon coffee (at the Six Dogs marvelous garden)!

I also met for the first time the Wear Vintage duo despite the fact that we have talked in the past and as I loved Anthi's outfit, I found it appropriate enough to not photograph anyone else but her!

P.S. As for what I will be revealed in another post!



  1. was happy happy to meet you in person!!thumbs up for your blog!xxx

  2. i want to participate too in a meetmarket. I hope soon to be able to.
    lovely designers!

  3. we just couldn't coordinate our times, could we?
    first you, then Thalia, then Elena and me
    damn, we should arrange a meet-up again... maybe this weekend at the Tell-A-Story?



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