Thursday, 16 September 2010

Fashion's Night Out 2010

If you follow my blog from my very first steps, you must remember by now, last year's Fashion's Night Out experience! It was one of a kind as it was the first time that something HUGE was organized and fashion bloggers were really involved! We had a meeting at the Vogue headquarters and we were among the brand contributors of the event!... Of course the best thing was that a bunch of stylish girls entered and left as more shops as they could in order to get the overall feeling! And to top that, people stopped us in the streets to ask what all that was about! Our answers? "It's Fashion's Night Out" and we loved it!

Now a year later, I'm hoping that more and more shops will realize that in times like these, they really have to take advantage of "happenings" like these if they want to drag people inside their stores! The difference between last year and this year -regarding me- is that this time, I'm not going to stroll around the streets in search of interesting findings! And no I wasn't contacted by Vogue either!

Instead you will be able to find me along with fellow blogger Thalia at Benetton and Sisley stores at Skoufa str from around 19,30 and until 21.00 o'clock! Come and meet us and don't be shy to talk to us...we will be shyer for sure! We will be able to view together the Fall/Winter collections and then chat, dance and eat the sweet Brigante treats!

It's Fashion's party and you are all invited!

p.s. plus you have a 10% discount in all Benetton/Sisley items -not bad if you ask me!-

UPDATE-Athena is going to be among us,too! Yeahhh!



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