Wednesday, 1 September 2010

September at the Park

It is quite amazing but parks in the center of Athens DO exist!.. And I was amazed to discover this particular park today despite the fact that I pass right in front of it every morning and afternoon on my way to and back from my work!

Situated at "Megaro Mousikis", today I found my secret garden and I took good advantage of it as I was along with a friend and able to take some proper outfit pics! From head to toe:

tee from SWAP (Swap Not Shop)
skirt from TUBE
jelly shoes
and "b." bag...

...that has become my new best friend as from the moment that I bought it, it goes everywhere with me! b. is a well-known Greek graffiti artist and you can find his canvas bags at Metropolis Concept Store in an astonishing price!

all photos courtesy of sohosymposium, if used please credit


  1. i love love love love this outfit!! u look like candy, girl!! and the park looks so peaceful, if only we had more of those in this city..!
    lovely post!
    kiss kiss*

  2. u look so beautiful!In the first pic you remind me of alice in wonderland,maybe because of the pic on your shirt and the beautiful scene behind u!

  3. thank you giiiiirls!! @Frini it would be so great if we had more couldn't be more true!!!

    @panagiota: the rabbit wanted to escape the tee!! lol!

    @mairyliscious: =))

  4. Τhank you my dear...and give your mother a kiss from me and thank her for her comment, and tell her that i love her daughter's aesthetic...

  5. i tsanta einaii uperoxiii..
    k oi eikones apo t parko..poso pio omorfo mporei na einaii..?!



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