Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Georgina Skalidi

It is happening the moment we speak but as I arrived early and also left early I think it is ok, to post some photos of Georgina's opening bash! Georgina Skalidi opened her shop some months ago and she has turned successfully her love for bags into a business!

Today she is presenting her second collection, the one for Fall/Winter 2010/11 and she decided to do an opening bash in order to celebrate her new babies! The bags are all handmade and the shapes and colors are crrrrazy! Loved them all; I couldn't even decide which one will be my next investment piece..and that can only be good! In her shop you'll also discover shoes from a Spanish designer that I forgot to write down as well as accessories from designer mhw!

In the last set of pictures you get to see Georgina herself (her shoes are Chie Mihara-love) as well as a stylish and lovely friend of hers/Georgina Skalidi fan (yes the clutch she is holding is from the previous collection)



  1. i loved the shoes in the 2nd pic and the bags in the 5th pic!!could u tell me on which street her shop is?

  2. I love her suede clutches ! Amazing ! Is there any online store with her designs?


  3. @Panagiota The shop is at Kolonaki area at Skoufa 71a & Massalias!

    The entrance is at the side of a block of flats so...stick to the address and you'll find it! =)

    @Rai I don't think that the bags are online yet, but you can always email Georgina for further information at

  4. love her designs!



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