Thursday, 11 November 2010

4fashionshake II / Romina Karamanea

Romina Karamanea is well known for sure, maybe that's why she was chosen to close the 4fashionshake II event after all. The Greek born-but based in London, designer appeared on screen and talked a little bit about this collection, about the fact that a friend persuaded her to start creating clothes and about this collection that is based on earth and it would be presented in different colored parts. First we saw "the grey collection" full of cracked-appearing delicate clothes then the models came dressed in blue, green and fire red toned creations!

We all agreed that this was the most ethereal collection of Romina. There were people that liked it and people who preferred her previous more "powerful" lines. My personal opinion is that I would love to own the baggy blue pants or the blue dress as pictured in the forth set of pictures.

collage made by soho symposium. if used please credit


  1. love the blue and the purple!beautiful pieces

  2. I missed it....claps ...claps great show........i love her clothes!!

  3. borrowed one of ur photos and of course credited accordingly. big kiss to u and ur camera;)



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