Monday, 29 November 2010

I work with Loukia

So here comes the second post as promised totally dedicated to the girls that work with Loukia! Each one of them has a different task to do. Some combine Loukia's designing team and some others work for her marketing! One thing's for sure... They are all really young and their style is unique, modern but also with a twist (as expected)!

I particularly loved these three looks for three different reasons! In the first look, the girl is wearing a bow in her hair. A bow that as I learned later was bought from H&M Kids! Who said you are too old to buy accessories from the childrens' section?

The second look combines in the best way street wear and couture! What lies beneath the knitted dress could be your everyday outfit but this girl through on top a Loukia creation and the total outcome was simply adorable!

As for the third girl, Androniki... I just couldn't leave the showroom without taking a pic of her Miu Miu's! This collection will haunt me forever and this girl proved to me that you can wear designer shoes even when walking around the streets of downtown Athens!


  1. oh, that bow is so adorable
    and cute
    lovely outfits
    i hope you will visit my blog soon

  2. all three have such great distinct style, how beautiful!

  3. these girls definately got style!love your pics from your previous post,nice work!:) Loukia's atelie seems to be the perfect place to work!



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