Thursday, 18 November 2010

An afternoon at Stelios Koudounaris studio

So today I spent the afternoon at Stelios Koudounaris' showroom and personal studio! I was trying to visit his space for more than a year now (I know, hard to believe) but we never managed to work it out. Now it was just the right time as we were both in a more relaxed phase. As the AXDW has ended, Stelios isn't so stressed with the runway, the fittings and the styling and I had some free time today between work and Benetton's preview to go and visit him!

The reason why I wanted to meet him was that I was ill during AXDW and I only took a look of the clothes through other blogs. I was really intrigued to learn more on the inspirations, the way this collection was made and how the designer works and I left the building an hour later full of "creative wisdom".

I loved the fact that all clothes had a particular detail and as the designer showed to me even the simplest pair of cotton trousers had a "couture" inside. I promise you'll read more about our afternoon coffee at his studio soon!


  1. I envy you! I should pay the same visit some time! I admire hiw work so much!

  2. OK, you have to tell us if that cut-out body that was featured in the fashion film and in the show finale is actually affordable. Too many girls are lusting for it!

  3. @lopi pfff I didn't even ask to be true!! Next time I visit, I'll remember to ask though!

    @katerina you should visit him soon indeed! He is great!



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