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There are certain occasions that make me feel so grateful for having this blog… The fact that I meet new people that tell me they already knew my blog and liked it, the trip I took to Zyrich for the exclusive new that Ebay was opening a Greek market, the designers that have allowed me to capture their shows backstage, famous stylist Celestine Cooney that talked to me about her view on the fashion world, the bag I designed with Toi&Moi team…well the list can go on forever.

The last days, I’m finding myself more and more emotional when thinking about this blog. I started it just because I wanted to keep a virtual diary of the things I loved the most online and almost two years later, this “baby” has grown up and is mature enough to start making its own very personal steps…Sometimes I’m feeding it with news, some others by itself it takes me to places I would never thought I could go.

If you keep old magazines, now it’s the time to go and search for the March 2005 Greek Vogue issue. It was the first time that my name was ever mentioned in a magazine. I never shared this with anyone before, but that issue will always be my most loved one. No one knew me back then, I had just returned from London where I had taken a short course in fashion design at St Martin’s college and I was struggling to find a balance between finishing my economic studies and keeping alive my creativity and fashion love. I had read an interview fashion designer Loukia had given in a previous Vogue issue, and I was so touched by the fact that she had told that she would love to see younger designers take up her work…I had found it amazing for such a successful and important designer as her to be so open-minded and not at all selfish to go and say publicly that she would like others to continue her work. In fact I was so touched that I had to send a letter to Vogue and write down all those feelings and thoughts… And that letter was eventually published!
Last Friday, me along Christiana, Lopi and Elena, we found ourselves invited at Loukia’s showroom. I was so anxious to meet Loukia in person that I was thinking about it for days! When I wrote that letter 4 years ago showing my admiration to her, I couldn’t believe that one day I could actually meet her in person! When we entered her showroom her designing team welcomed us and showed us around.

Mia Kollia was also there and informed us about everything! Loukia is preparing some new projects that involve a brand new much more accessible prêt-a-porter line, an art de la table line and an accessories and menswear small collection. Also Mia is writing a book about Loukia’s life and designing history that will be published during the next year!
All this time, Loukia was standing a few meters away, but I was so busy absorbing everything that was around me that I didn’t even see her! After Mia informed us about the new projects we tried on some of Loukia’s creations (wait to see Elena wearing that purple dress…you’ll love it!) and then the designer came and sat with us!

Well…words are not enough to capture her personality. She is one of the most down to earth and calm-looking persons I have ever met. Mia even had to remind her of certain –important- events such as the fact that she had dressed Melina Merkouri! I asked her about various things…The other girls, too! Some of them were if she cares about trends ( a yes), if she reads news online (a no as she has so many things to do and time doesn’t allow her) and what does she do for getting continuously inspired. She told us that she reads a lot, she likes going to the theatre and that she really enjoys watching movies.
When we entered her working space her team informed us that Loukia likes it to be a little bit “untidy” but not in the wrong way! She gets inspired when mixing different garments that lie around the tables and all this “creative chaos” is actually liberating for the team as well! I was really impressed by the fact that her team is consisted of very young people! It shows that she stays true to her believes!
I always love to see inspiration boards!

Hmmm ok! I think I’ve written enough! Now you’ll have to visit the other girls’ blogs and read more there, too! Also, the next post will be dedicated to Loukia's team I’m mentioning above! Their personal style was so unique that I decided they deserve a post of their own!
Here is happy me wearing a Loukia dress!... Me in full bloom!
Last but not least a big thank you to Demetrios Papadopoulos and Mia Kollia for this wonderful invitation and of course to Loukia for welcoming us at her personal showroom!


  1. Αχ έβαλες και το νυφικό μου!!!

    Τι χαμόγελο όμως ε?

  2. Wow! Amazing pics! Like a fairy tale! thanks for sharing!

  3. woooooooooooooooow!perfect post!!!!!!!thanks for sharing,sweetie :)

  4. great post! i love dreamy looks of loukia!

  5. girls thank you so much for your comments! They mean the world to me! This post is actually one of my all time favorite as I never imagined I could have the opportunity to talk to her in person



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