Sunday, 21 November 2010

Zara dressing room

Lately I'm not shopping that much. In fact I'm not shopping at all mainly because the days are smaller and I'm too tired and bored to go at the stores after work. Also on Saturdays that I'm not working I prefer to sleep until late instead of going out shopping in the morning! So, no time/budget for serious shopping!

Yesterday I found some time to go and visit Zara, see what's new and as I'm in search of leather ankle booties, I gave a try at the ones above! Well no I didn't buy them yet, because I have to confess another "shopping habit" I developed during the last months. I try something on then leave it and if I think of it for more than two-three days I take it as a sign that I really need it and eventually go and buy it. If I don't find it..well it won't be the end of the world! This habit has helped me a lot as I'm only buying the things that I really want and not the ones that are trends/mood driven.

Today -a day later- I have to admit that I don't think of these boots any more. I found the heels too uncomfortable to walk despite the fact that I looooved the color and the shape of the shoes. So one thing un-checked of my shopping list! (Another still stays checked, hmmm should I wait another day to decide if I want to buy it or not?)


  1. Well congrats girl!It seems to me like u have self discipline!!!

  2. Well they look great but if they were uncomfortable it's better that you didn't buy them!

  3. hey
    i love, love, love, love your blog
    i'm following
    i love the booties
    you should buy them
    i hope you will visit my blog sometime

  4. nice trick!
    i always do that too, it's saved me lot's of wardrobe space and money so far;)

  5. @Nana thank you girl! you're so sweet! I'll visit your blog soon- and leave a comment!

    @Alecca Rox it actually works, it was hard in the beginning because I worried I might never find again what I had tried on, but at the end I found that I had a more relaxed attitude while shopping!



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