Thursday, 17 September 2009

DIY Alexander Wang S2010

Ok ok!! i't s New York fashion week!! the surprising part would be if someone of you didn't know it by now!
Everyday i'm trying to check all the new collections, but then i'm finding myself lost as i don't know what's better!...Look at the bright coloured spring collections or pay attention to all the Fall runways so that i'll be a little more inspired now that Fall is..actually...HERE?!
And while i end up saying that who cares about spring when Fall is all that I see around me, i discover this picture of Marie who works for Acne in Denmark and was quick enough not only to see the new Alexander Wang collection for spring 2010 but also, make the first DIY of that collection! She's used a little bit of leather in the right orangy brown and an old Acne sweatshirt!

Hands up for Marie!


  1. I love designer DIYs! I have an idea about one too, but I believe that doing is better than talking, so I hope I'll be able to do it soon and show it to you1

  2. @lopi i love DIYs,too!! i'll be waiting to see yours!!

  3. how cool is that??
    i love DIY'S!!!!

  4. haha.. love the stuff u spot!! yeap, cool diy.

  5. oreo blouzaki...maresi arketa...:)



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