Monday, 14 September 2009

Fashion's One and Only Night Out - Athens

Shopping is fun,right? Ok ok most of the times. At least it's fun if you're not bored,anxious or nervous. Because i assure you-from personal experience-that shopping in the above situations most of the times ends in "what the h@$ll did i buy" expressions!
Now imagine that you're in a happy mood and you want to go shopping! And while downtown you find all shops open, with DJ sets playing up-beat music, bar tenders willing to give you free drinks, even sweet girls offering you ice-creams! And imagine, that you start exploring each and every shop with all your fellow fash-blogger friends and that Vogue photographers take pictures of you and people stop you to ask what all this is about. And on your way to Observatory where a live catwalk took place, you saw celebrities just outsite the shops (like Tamta outside .Lak) and that the shop windows instead of dummies had real life models!! AND IMAGINE that all this, ended up in a major party at CityLink where common people and fashion people, all danced and drunk their chocolate martini's together!
OK, now you get the idea of what Fashion's Night Out was it all about!

(all pictures taken by me except of the set of pictures with Tamta and Polina Sarri-Glamour's editor in chief that i borrowed from Fashion Paths, if you use please credit)


  1. yperoxes photo !
    h agapimenh mou auth me thn tamta th teleia fousta pou forouse !!! kai auth poy eisai me ta mpalonia
    uperoxa ta shoes kai h bag sou !!!
    polu sas zhleuw :( ithela ki egw!!!

  2. I like seeing how each one of you wore the T-shirt!So many different styles!

  3. @penny: yeah i know what you mean!!i was impressed to see the other girls wearing the tee too!!

  4. ououou...ourees....

    poli kokino xali i proti pic :)

  5. Koritsia, fenestai oles yperohes!

  6. It's a pleasure every time we meet!

  7. Ok, wait a minute. How come Thalia always is in the best shots? I mean look at the one with the model!!!! But indeed, we didn't take a picture together. :(((Oh, well there is always ez art ;)

    I am so excited that i'll be seeing a friendly face at the lessons.

  8. @Jo hahaaa!!! i'm excited too about ezart!! have to tell you that 2 more friends of mine will be there!!!!



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