Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Christopher Kane mania

Blame Christopher Kane! He started it all! His gorilla dresses were crazy enough to make even the most "quiet" dressers change up their minds and actually try them on!!!!
And "Once you take Topshop, you own the world!"...well i just made this up, but i think that it's actually true! Christopher Kane for Topshop is now online and he continued the craziness by actually designing a much more affordable version of his gorilla dress, the "Crocodile print T-shirt".(see pic on the right)
Here in Greece we don't have Topshop (i'm not ungrateful, i know we have to be thankful at least for being able to shop online). So, H&M was kind enough to present another version of these clothes that have life of their own! And i have to say that it was love at first sight as i much more like the view of the sea that actually wearing a little monster on me!


  1. ok ok now u got me!!
    i tried to order the tee and it was out of stock!!
    i think now H&M would do!!! :P

  2. sou paei poly!!to xw dei kai egw..einai teleio!!!!

  3. @thalia i wanted to order it,too! thank god i saw that woman on the street wearing the h&m tee and i thought that i might be lucky enough to find it myself!

  4. Fenetai poly wraio panw sou, einai kati entelws diaforetiko!

  5. oh xaritinaki to diko sou top ine poli pio telio apo tou "af8edikou" 8elo na to do kapo koda..

  6. Lllllove it my dear! What an awesome photo! You rock!



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