Monday, 21 September 2009

Polixeni Papapetrou

My search for Greek artist living and succeeding abroad is continuous! So here is my most recent find! Photographer Polixeni Papapetrou, born in Melbourne by Greek parents that keeps living and working in her hometown! I love the fact that she likes working with kids and that she frequently uses her own daughter as a model! (See last pair of photos of Alice in Wonderland). Also i was intrigued to find out that she has worked also with body builters, drag queens and rockabilly lovers!

In Andrian Martin's words:
"Melbourne-based Polixeni Papapetrou dedicates herself purely to the research of the artificial. Her models - dressed as Elvis or Marilyn or Alice in Wonderland - have an affecting flesh-and-blood reality, but everything around them is studiously unreal, from the props to the backdrops. Papapetrou is a master of staging, of that art known from theatre and cinema as mise en scéne or 'setting the scene'. In that great aesthetic choice that all artists must male between the studio and the street, Papapetrou chooses the studio - even if it is a makeshift one tucked away in her home."

watch also here Polixeni Papapetrou speaking herself of her work (the part that her daughter dressed up as Alice in Wonderland knows by heart what her caracter says is the sweetest!)


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  1. Pragmatiki kallitehnis i Papapetrou, mpravo tis! Kapou eiha akousei oti tis askousan kritiki pou hrisimopoiouse tin kori tis ws montelo gia ti spgotografies alla pragmatika den katalavainw giati auto einai provlima. Oi photos pou dialexe gia to post einai poly wraies.



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