Tuesday, 1 September 2009


Although i'm still in a summer mood, looking again and again at all the photos i took during summer, yesterday's rain and today's day at the calendar made me realize that autumn is officialy here!
Let the boots,umbrellas and cloaks get out of your closets you ladies!!

ooh and for the ones of you that are already bored of their clothes, here's the chance to get new clothes in zero cost! Clemmie and Melroy accompanied by Life in Athens' Thalia, organize the first clothing exchange party in Athens on SATURDAY 5/9_ 18:00-21:00. in order to participate you have to email the girls and as few places are left make sure you do that quickly! check here for more information and also make sure you are on time in order to find the clothes desired! oooh..and treats are always welcome!!!



  1. ohhh thank you for posting this !!!!!!!!!!
    will talk on saturday girl!!!!!



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