Friday, 6 November 2009

Beautiful Inside & Out


I'm proud to announce a new collaboration between fashion blogs and WhiteBox.
SoHo symposium, Life in Athens and Fashion Paths will participate at the event organized byWhiteBox Praxitelous "Beautiful Inside & Out" !

Who said that Fashion Bloggers have to wear ONLY what they chose? Join us next Sunday at WhiteBox and watch, how Marika Poulopoulou and Katerina Vamvaka will style us up! After that, you'll have the chance to also get styled by these two fashion stylists! We will be there to take pics of you and-of course-meet you!

Join the WhiteBox facebook event page here where you can find the event's scedule and more info!


  1. sinxaritiria omorfes..:)

    elpizo na katafero na r8o na sas do...

  2. ax re gamwto den eprepe na erthw athina to sk pu mas perase alla auto pu mas erxetai !
    krima !!!!
    na perasete teleia!!!!!



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