Sunday, 1 November 2009


Another Fashion Week is taking place these days! Athens Xclusive Designers Week or as called AXDW!...Fellow bloggers AleccaRox, FashionPaths and FashionArchitect have already posted photos from various shows. On the other hand, i'm not quite open to seeing everything that is shown (aesthetic stubborness is my thing) so i chose to watch and take pics of only one runway that was held yesterday and that i was sure from the beggining that would make me smile! Also for the first time ever, i had a press pass as i now work officially for ErmouMag site and i had the first-row experience with celebrities dressed up in Theia all around me!!

THEIA (aunt in english) is Theodora Provopoulou. Yesterday she presented her first official collection but was quite known even before that, more importantly for her famous corsets and old fashion robe-dresses that has created in the past! I have to say that i enjoyed every minute of this show! As all viewers were searching for their sits, a model dressed in an old fashioned bathing suit, sat on a towel and started reading a magazine in the middle of the runway preparing all guests for what was about to begin! Music started and careless models came out dancing and sending kisses to the cameras and viewers! Corsets once again was the main attraction but pastel-colored dresses proved that THEIA can present a complete collection that is well-themed, well-organized and well-presented!

Of course, with clothes like that Theodora couldn't be bad dressed and after the show ended she posed for all photographers in her black and white dress and amazing hairstyle that stole my heart!

you can find THEIA clothes at Ippokratous 66 (+30 210 3600 449) and more info at

*all photos taken by me, if used please CREDIT!


  1. i really love theia ! she is unique

  2. Oh, why did I miss it???? It looks like the definition of fun! Glad to see you and Alecca covered it for the rest of us.

  3. Oh, that looks like so much fun! Love the colours!



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