Wednesday, 25 November 2009

New babe in town!

Say hello to my new baby!!! As i have mentioned in some older post, i have started sewing lessons, and after learning how to use these babes, it was time to get one for myself!!!
So, HUSQVARNA VIKING® E20 sewing machine help me turn into reality all those d.i.y. dreams of mine!!!

I have to say that a fellow blog pal, (and amazing singer as well) Sugahspank has already motivated me enough! Let the battle begin miss Sugah!!!! =)

picture taken by me-if used please credit


  1. proto comment..yei..

    megia megia ke pali to kenourio moro...perimenoume dimiourgies!

  2. euxomai na mporesw kai egw na kanw mathimata raptikhs kapoia stigmh !!!
    sugxarhthria kalh mu kales dhmiourgies!!!!

  3. girl good luck!!!! can't wait to see what you are going to come up with!!!!!

  4. thanks girls!!!! i'm excited!!! i hope that i'll be able to find some time during this weekend to start using the babe!!

  5. ax...teleiaaaa...
    k egw euxomai kapote na parw mia tetoiaaa...
    kales dimiourgies...

  6. megia megia !!!!! Ante perimenoume dimiourgies!!!

  7. i am a do-it-yourself- novice on the sewing machine as well ;)
    As long as i remember to pull up the thread i am fine! looking forward to seeing your creations :)



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