Thursday, 19 November 2009

Do you remember?

Do you remember this post ??? From the first moment i bought that H&M t-shirt and still, it hangs in my closet like the most precious item around! As you can imagine i just gasped when i discovered this amazing D.I.Y! The sleeves are off and in their place a sheer fabric is placed! words around!



  1. Looks amazing indeed!!! Do I see DIY-fever coming up? When will you have your new "baby"?

  2. ok ok you just gave me an idea!!!! big smileeeee!!!!!
    i still haven't managed to get the sky-like top! you know what i am talking about!!!!

  3. @lopi yes! yesterday i passed all evening going through my photo database to re-discover all the D.I.Y things i want to do!!! The "baby" is landing next Tuesday!!!!!!

  4. @Thalia hmmmmm haven't managed to go and check either...haven't forgotten about it though, the moment i see it i will definitely buy it 4 you!



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