Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Laura Laine for H&M

OK i admit it! i'm a simple-white-tee-with-a-cool-stamp-on-it addict! It's the simplest way to level up your style when you are bored to dress to impress! You just throw on your jeans and THAT category of a t-shirt and BUM! Everyone starts asking where did you find this cool t-shirt! (I'm telling you-it works!) And most importantly you don't have to consume energy or endless hours of shopping to find these tee's! H&M, Zara, Pull&Bear are luckily among the brands that always have cool simple tees in their collections!

The latest one that i found online is the above one! I only hope that i'll be able to find it also in H&M stores as Laura Laine is one of the illustrators i most adore! (see this post and you'll see what i mean!)

source: (photo courtesy of Laura Laine & Silver )


  1. I love the t-shirt too! If I see you grabbing the last one, I'm telling ya, I'm gonna have to fight you for it!!!

    Yet, isn't it strange that only three seasons ago (spring-summer 2008) ZARA had commissioned Laura Laine for their "trends" illustrations and now she moved over to H&M?
    It was back then when I noticed her amazing work too...

  2. hahahaaa!! i was actually thinking of you while writing this post!
    i warn you sister THE TSHIRT IS MINE!!!!

  3. superrrrrrrr!!! αν βρω θα πάρω και στις 2 σας για να μην τσακώνεστε! ;)

  4. ti kali chichipiruuuu!!! =))))

  5. These shirts look awesome!
    Lovely blog!

  6. haha.put me in the I-want-them-too list!



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