Tuesday, 17 November 2009

the WhiteBox photoshoot

Most probably you've already seen the Alecca Rox cover of the WhiteBox event, so i'm going to be brief! Me, Thalia from Life in Athens and Christiana from Fashion Paths were the "guests of honor" of the event as Alecca named us!
So by guests of honor i basically mean that we had the pleasure to get styled by the 2 amazing stylists and designers, Katerina of Gaffer & Fluf and Marika of the Chrystal label! Both me and Thalia wore their amazing clothes and after a few changes we settled to what designer suit us best! Gaffer & Flur for Thalia and Chrystal for me!!! In the first set of pictures you see me getting ready for my photoshoot (credits to Fashion Paths Christiana for the amazing job and equipment) and in the rest of the photos, guests happily possing after being styled by Katerina and Marika! Of course i couldn't resist to a Gaffer & Fluf vest, so minutes before i put on my Christal dress, i changed into the Gaffer & Fluf outfit!

Hmm...no pics of Thalia and Christiana yet, but another post is coming soon!

Nighty nighty!


  1. Ciaaao!Amazing event :))
    you all look so cute in your dresses!!

  2. @penny thanks girl!!! the dresses were indeed amazing! i'll actually buy the one that i wore during the event!

  3. you should, it looked great on you! I really enjoyed watching you guys being styled-up that night, the event would not have been the same without you;)

    --I think what everybody else tried on was a success too and was staff that unless u tried it, you could never tell how good it is!

  4. sei bellissima nell 'ultima fwtografia !!!!



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