Wednesday, 18 November 2009

WhiteBox..all the rest!

As i is the second post about the Whitebox event, held on Sunday! In the first pic you see the amazing Georgia Kotsiopoulou, responsible for our make-up! I gave her complete freedom and it was actually the FIRST time i ever had my lips painted THAT red! As Georgia is indeed a challenge!
Next, responsible for our hair was the super stylish Kyriaki that was also dressed in Gaffer & Fluf! Thalia from Life in Athens tried- like me-the clothes from both designers Katerina and Marika! She turned from devil to angel in a minute! You can see her wild hairstyle here!
Christiana from Fashion Paths was the photographer of the event, handing me the camera only to get her make-up done by Georgia and change into a Chrystal dress!! Oh, i also have to mention her earrings as these large black chandeliars stole everyone's heart!
In the last set of pictures you get to see the rest of the wonderful guests that participated in the event, getting dressed by the stylists and photographed by us fashion bloggers!
I have to thank them for letting us take their pics and have to also add that they all looked amazing!!!

Also, a huge thank you to Jessica and all the people involved with WhiteBox! Hope we'll have the chance to organize more events like this one and i also hope we'll have the chance to see some of you, too!

Lot's of love

image credit for the first pic: Nikos Pitsilos


  1. ooo!great great!and may i also add that christiana looks soooo adorable!!i love her dress and the shoes!and of course the make up!:)

  2. challenge or not to the rest of us, it is definitely the lip colour for you! looking good, u should go for it more often;)

    and ...yes! to meeting up at a Whitebox event again with more & more people.



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